Key themes

Technology is changing your business. Don’t be left behind.


EmTech Hong Kong 2017 examines:


New Materials at the Heart of Innovation


Breakthroughs in nanoarchitecture are bending the rules of physics with materials whose structures can be precisely tailored so they are strong yet flexible and extremely light. Light emitting materials have enabled much more efficient displays to be created for mobile devices. These breakthroughs mean that materials that can be more energy-efficient and versatile.


Cloud, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


Powered by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) already impacts every industry, from search to social media, smartphones and tracking personal health and finances. New GPUs are being developed to power deep neural networks and enable machines to learn at a speed, accuracy, and scale never seen before while cloud-based business platforms proliferate across every vertical.


Robotics, Automation, and Industry 4.0


Automation technologies in the factory and warehouse are helping workers from China to India and beyond deal with 3D tasks (Dirty, Dangerous, Dull) while breakthroughs in robotics are giving machines the skills they need to work side by side with us, and to learn from each other. What will the factory of the future look like?


Virtual Reality, Augmented Life


After many false dawns, new devices are finally bringing virtual reality into the mainstream. At the same time, emerging technologies promise to challenge VR's primacy - think augmented, mixed, holographic or cinematic reality - by blending virtual reality and real life together. How will our day-to-day experiences be augmented by these emerging technologies?


Healthy Ageing


As life expectancy rise, so do the everyday health concerns of an aging population that increasingly relies on advances in technology to prevent, detect, and treat the complex health problems prevalent among older adults. From wearables to assistive robots, personalised medicine and even genome editing, the promise of better living through data is within reach.


FinTech and Cybersecurity


Banking as we know it is changing. Incumbents are under aggressive pressure from disruptors to deliver faster, better and cheaper services. How are we going to bank and pay securely in the future? Meanwhile, as more sectors of the economy go digital, cyberattacks rise too. With more than 50 billion connected devices predicted by 2020, further expertise is needed to curb vulnerabilities.


Future Cities: Rethinking Urban Environments


Older cities face aging infrastructure, while rapid urbanization has new cities under pressure to deliver sustainable services quickly. Around the world, cities are focusing on new technologies to prepare for dramatic population growth. It is then a global imperative to develop systems that improve the liveability of cities while dramatically reducing resource consumption. Innovative transportation, energy breakthroughs, building solutions and sensing technologies will improve our lives.