Talk to Your Boss: Make Your Case to Attend EmTech Hong Kong

You know the value of attending EmTech Hong Kong – but how do you convince your boss, who may be hesitant to invest resources and work hours due to budget constraints and workplace demands? Make your case with these helpful tips.


Calculate the investment

Before you explain how the benefits of attending EmTech Hong Kong outweigh the costs, you’ll need to break down the costs, including:

  • Conference registration
  • Transportation to and from the conference
  • Lodging, food and incidentals (if coming from overseas)


Demonstrate the ROI

Once you’ve explained the investment, focus on the value you'll bring back to the company:



EmTech Hong Kong is not an average tech conference. It is a curation of the world’s leading tech executives, scientists and investors. The brightest minds in artificial intelligence, materials science, biomedicine, space, internet of things, virtual reality, computing, cybersecurity (and much more) will come from all over the world to share breakthrough research and discoveries with the best from academia, industry and finance.


Check the EmTech Hong Kong Agenda to find the sessions and topics that are relevant to you and your organisation. Find out emerging technologies that could be incorporated into your organisation or that could disrupt your industry.


People go to EmTech conferences to think about different problems than the ones they usually face at work, and get a new perspective from across disciplines, to shake up their thinking in an immersive getaway. After all, the next wave of innovation within your field could come from unexpected sectors.



At EmTech Hong Kong you will meet business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers worldwide. These people might not necessarily belong to your same industry and that's the beauty of EmTech: you will be amazed at how innovative thinking arises once you step out of your comfort zone and meet potential partners from industries you didn't even consider before. You will be able to exchange ideas and potentially establish new partnerships as you connect and collaborate with like-minded executives, investors and researchers who share the innovation bug.



When you return from EmTech Hong Kong, you'll be able to share what you learned with your boss and colleagues to help your organization stay on the cutting edge of tech innovation. Attending EmTech Hong Kong will allow you to push the boundaries of your comfort zone while having life-inspiring and life-changing conversations. It is one of the best places to view new applications of technology, resources and best practices throughout the technology ecosystem. EmTech Hong Kong will leave you inspired, refreshed and prepared to continue down a path of successful innovation which will further benefit your organization. Trainings and skills improvement courses will come nowhere close to what EmTech Hong Kong has to offer, a truly one of a kind experience.


Share your agenda

Walk your boss through your proposed conference schedule. Explain how each session on your agenda - along with special programs and networking events - will make you a more valuable employee and benefit your organization. Be sure to ask if there are any sessions that your boss would like for you to attend.


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