The Conference

The world’s most influential leaders and innovators are coming to EmTech Hong Kong. Get inspired and hear from those who are driving the next generation of technological breakthroughs and changing the world.


MIT Technology Review finds and explains the significance of the new technologies that are disrupting existing industries, creating entirely new markets, and changing society. The EmTech series of events bring that editorial content to life. EmTech Hong Kong is an access point to the most innovative people and companies in Asia and the world, all in a program that will challenge and inspire you.


As you read these lines, we are tapping the rich diversity of the tech community to gather experts who will give you the inside track on disrupting technologies and business approaches that are creating new markets and changing our society.


In 2018, the 3rd edition of EmTech Hong Kong will look into how advancements in the areas of Smart City Management, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, New Materials, Healthy Aging, Robotics and Automation, Stemcell Research and Gene-therapy, MedTech, Fintech and Cybersecurity are redefining our lives in new and inspiring ways. 


Discover the future of technology and business. Join us for two days of intelligent conversation as we bring MIT Technology Review’s award winning editorial content to life.