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Cyberport is an innovative digital community with 1000 digital tech companies. It is managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, which is wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government. With the vision to become a main force in developing the digital tech industry as a key economic driver of Hong Kong, Cyberport is committed to nurturing youth, start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow in the digital industry by connecting them to strategic partners and investors, driving collaboration with local and international business partners to create new opportunities, and accelerating digital adoption amongst corporates and SME. Cyberport focuses on building key clusters of digital technology, namely FinTech, eCommerce, IoT/Wearables and Big Data/AI to foster the development of Hong Kong into a “Smart City”. With a committed team of professionals providing all rounded value added services to support our digital community and an array of state-of-the-art tech facilities, Cyberport is the flagship for Hong Kong’s digital tech industry.


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In 1956, Hong Kong Baptist College was founded by the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong as a post-secondary college committed to the provision of whole person education. In 1983, Hong Kong Baptist College became a fully-funded public tertiary institution. It gained university status in 1994 and was renamed Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).


Today HKBU encompasses eight Faculties/Schools offering a range of undergraduate programmes, associate degree and higher diploma programmes as well as taught postgraduate programmes and research postgraduate programmes leading to the award of master and doctoral degrees. It prides itself on its dual focus on teaching and research and encourages service to society among its staff and students. Over the years, HKBU has remained committed to academic excellence and the development of the whole person, and has gained a reputation as one of Asia’s finest institutions of higher learning. HKBU aspires to be a caring university of learning and research excellence in Asia for the world.


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The University of Hong Kong (HKU) was founded in 1911 and is the territory’s oldest institution of higher learning. Today, it is an internationally recognized, research led, comprehensive and English-medium teaching university with 10 faculties. It provides world-class, campus-based education in a wide range of academic disciplines which attract the best local and international students.


As a leading international institution of higher learning in Asia, HKU strives to attract and nurture outstanding scholars from around the world through excellence and innovation in teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange, contributing to the advancement of society and the development of leaders through a global presence, regional significance and engagement with the rest of China.


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Kyuker X provides customized innovation platform and resources to create disruptive technologies for industries facing paradigm shifts. Our vision is to advance and transform the technological and business field of sports and healthcare sectors in convergence with AI, big data and wearables. We have a network of geeks and industry gurus in Asia’s major innovative hubs, leveraging on which, we thrive to solve ad-hoc industry challenges through cross cultural collaborations and partnerships.


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AiQ has been at the forefront of the smart clothing industry right from its inception and widely considered to be a thought leader in this space.. By taking a distinctly unique architectural approach, AiQ is working to accelerate the development of a wide variety of smart clothes focused at different slices of human life - work, play, entertain and stay healthy. AiQ's Smart Clothing Platform combines the latest technologies in compute, communications, sensors and actuators, with its patented interconnect technology, to develop and enable others to develop, a diverse set of next generation applications and use cases for smart clothes. AiQ's innovations are backed by over two hundred patents. AiQ believes that clothes are the universal wearables and making them smarter is a natural progression in leveraging the power of technology to enrich everyday experiences.


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Find Solution AI has developed a MotiveAI Model Software - 4LittleTrees, with deep learning model to read user’s emotion and generate real time interaction & motivation.  The innovative software provides solutions for educators, schools, health care provider & corporates, with real-time motivation and understanding of the user’s behavior & cognitive awareness; offering a tailor made, interactive curriculum giving all users to participate and engage in learning and compliance training.  Based on the report, they can understanding on learner’s learning performance and personal development.

4LittleTrees currently has 18 patents pending worldwide, 16 HK government schools subscribed with sales revenue in HK$22M.


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