2018 Testimonials

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"EmTech completely exceeded my expectations. The presenters were top-tier, their slide decks incorporated the latest information and insights, and the production was seamless. The audience members, most were leaders in finance, technology, and government, were fully engaged. I made valuable contacts and some new friendships."

Andrew Hessel, CEO, Humane Genomics


"EmTech delivers the highest-level thinkers across a fascinating range of cutting-edge science and tech fields. Forget TEDx events. EmTech delivers real innovators whose advances are transforming what it means to be human and elevating the prospects of the human race."
Andrew Work, Head Content Strategist for Asia Pacific, NexChange


"EmTech is a rather unique event in the Hong Kong calendar, a real interdisciplinary encounter that is the perfect framework for cross-polination. The city and our communities need more of such intimate, but high-profile and deeply scientific and up-to-date conferences to stay up to speed."
Tony Verb, Founder, GreaterBay Ventures & Advisors


"EmTech was informative, accessible and enjoyable."
Louise Hughes, Reporter, Wolters Kluwer


"EmTech, powered by MIT Technology review, is a mind-blowing conference exploring the forefront of technologies emerging in fundamental research labs across the world. It is a preview on what will come next in the Tech Startup world ecosystem. Riding the innovation forefront is inspirational and most beneficial to the startup ecosystem, as startups teams will be the next users and hopefully democratizers of these innovations."
Nicolas Breitburd, Startup Catalyst, WHub


"EmTech is an amazing way to peek into the future."
Cheng Chun Hei, Director of Innovation, Vivo Communication Technology Co


"Truly inspirational technologies at the leading edge of what is possible, I was stunned by the breadth and depth of the innovations that were showcased at this conference. The environment was electric and the opportunities for discussion and networking with the leaders in their fields were fantastic. A genuinely thought-provoking experience that I would highly recommend."
John McGeehan, Director, Institute of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, University of Portsmouth


"Absolutely wonderful experience"
Amit Ranjan, Associate Partner, IBM


"EmTech HK brings great minds together, EmTech – Big Data, - Brilliant Ideas."
Mateja Perenic, Partner, Metalog Limited


"Fantastic conference, great speakers, and a deep yet affordable access to diversity of topics around technology in business and society."
Lorenzo Fornaroli, Senior Director Logistics and Supply Chain, Huawei Technologies


"The right high-end event to deep ahead of far-fetched innovation and technologies."
Thiry Cedric, Technological Innovation Executive, SEED Advisory Limited (EMTD LAB)


"Great event to listen, to meet, to know EmTech worldwide people with innovative, amazing ideas and passions."
John, W.F. Sze, Manager, ASM Pacific Technology


"Health, Blockchain, Robotics… this is a unique conference that lives by its name: discovering Emerging Technologies. Excellent line up of topics and speakers"


"A great event for meeting the most interesting professionals in the area of technology and business and seeing illuminating speakers, while networking with great minds."
Adrian David Cheok, Director, Imagineering Institute & Chair Professor of Pervasive Computing, City, University of London


"Emtech HK is evidently growing, and growing healthily, in Hong Kong. This is timely considering that Hong Kong is putting in big plans to advance innovation and entrepreneurship."
Andy Hor, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), The University of Hong Kong


"This conference truly delivers what is promised by its name: an intense and fascinating deep dive into emerging technologies from all over the world, with an engaged crowd and in the perfect location: Hong Kong, a place where Orient and Occident meet. It was an amazing mix of topics: health, communications, blockchain, robotics, learning... I am coming back full of new ideas, contacts and experiences. What else can you ask for a conference?"
Juan L. Aparicio Ojea, Head of Research Group - Advanced Manufacturing Automation, Siemens


"I love this event, definitely one of my favourite events in Asia. It’s inspirational and informative, and an ultimate guide for people in tech out there looking for ways to change the world. My dream too!"
Joanna Wei, Founder, Beijing Makerspace


"Leaving the EmTech Hong Kong event you can't help but be bowled over by the speed of innovation across the world and across industries, and be thrilled at how technology will transform our lives in the coming years. We are living in a very unique time, and the speakers that EmTech is able to attract and gather convey this in a powerful, visceral way."
Robert Hsiung, Managing Director, China Udacity


"Well-curated program with diverse yet balanced speaker mix"
Philo Alto, Founder & CEO, Asia Value Advisors (Director at Harvard Club of Hong Kong)


"MIT EmTech Hong Kong brings together industry-leading thought leaders from around the world and gives a unique opportunity to engage in genuine dialogues about how technology changes our lives in various ways. I was immensely inspired by vibrant speakers representing various tech fields throughout the conference!"
Emi Yoshikawa, Director, Joint Venture Partnership, Ripple


"I really enjoyed sharing my research with the industry leaders and media friends at this EmTech Hong Kong conference. Our conversations were so insightful and also inspired me for new research ideas."
Siqi Zheng, Faculty Director, MIT China Future City Lab (MIT-CFC)


"EmTech HK is a truly innovative platform for tech leaders and industry partners to converge and create new opportunities that shape the future of emerging technologies with impact. Kyuker is proud to be associated with EmTech and we look forward to the next EmTech event."
Rudra Trivedi, Associate partner, Kyuker


"I had a terrific time at the event. It was probably the highest calibre of presenters I’ve seen at such an event for a long time. I was inspired to see that other innovators go through the same challenges that Ive gone through and that the principal key factor of success was in almost all cases collaboration and networking - with knowledge as the medium."
Amir Farhand, CEO and Founder, Takor Group


“EmTech was certainly the broadest technical conference I’ve ever attended. If you are looking to take the temperature of trends across the industry, from quantum computing to cybersecurity to fintech, this was an entertaining and efficient way to get exposed to a wide range of innovative ideas."
Bruce Davie, VP and CTO, APJ, VMware


“EmTech is the best conference in Hong Kong to keep up to date with cutting edge technological breakthroughs and their applications to business. It provides a vision of the future and gives you the chance to mingle with some of the brightest minds in each field. Truly inspiring and useful, I highly recommend it."
Alfonso Ballesteros, Secretary General, Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong